My Projects

Medication Blood Level Calculator

It can be complicated to figure out the blood levels of medications with irregular half-lives or half-lives greater than the dosing frequency. This is a simple calculator that will estimate the daily blood levels of medications from the daily dose and the half-life.

The results will be displayed as a line-chart showing the blood level on each day in the specified range.

Workout Log

I do quite a bit of exercise and I was unable to find an Android app to log them that met all of the criteria I wanted in a workout log. So I made my own which allowed me to put in everything I wanted including a plethora of charts and graphs. The log is available online for use by anyone for free.

It uses Django on the back-end, jQuery for the user interaction and Chart.JS for the charts. It runs on a MySQL database.

Game of Thrones Character Graph

This is an interactive graph of some characters from the major houses of Westeros. It shows the relationships between the people in a (hopefully) easy to understand way, with details about each person.

This was created for fun and should in no way be considered an authoritative or correct representation of the data.

It uses Django on the back-end, jQuery for the front-end interaction and SigmaJS for the graph. The graph is created with a force-directed layout which provides some nice clustering.

ConvNets for Mammography

This began as a project for a machine learning course I was taking at EPFL but has continued beyond that. At first I was performing classification of mammograms, but it turned into detection of abnormalities through image segmentation.

The dataset is available on Kaggle and the code is available in a GitHub repo. The process and results have been written up and posted on Medium:

TrackML Kaggle Challenge

The competition was recreating particle paths through the various sensors at the LHC from the raw hit data from said sensors. I finished 57th out of 656 using an algorithm based on DBSCAN. The code is in a GitHub repo.

RSNA Pneumonia Detection

The challenge was to detect pneumonia from chest X-rays. I finished #84 out of 1,400 with a custom ConvNet based on Yolo. The code is in a GitHub repo.

Note: Only Python projects are listed here. Some PHP projects are available on my PHP website.